basi vibe

singer, songwriter, and musician; but poet first

BASI is an independent r&b / soul / poetry artist that draws most of his inspiration from his culture-rich hometown, Sacramento.  With a modern and urban take on his favorite "oldies", his smooth and soulful vocals are complimented by the calming strings of the guitar or the mellow vibes of the keys.  His sound is influenced by the likes of various artists such as Frank Sinatra, John Legend, Jamie Cullum, Frank Ocean, and D'Angelo.


Basi has been featured for shows held by colleges around the bay area such as USF, SFSU and Sonoma State University, as well as exclusive events and fundraisers.  He has even opened the show for San Francisco youtube star Jeremy “Passion”. 


Though early in his career and with a long road ahead, Basi has accomplished so much.  His most cherished accomplishment so far is the completion of his first music video, "My Funny Valentine," in collaboration with Jeremy Vaughn (engineer/executive producer), Alex Bretow (videographer/director), & Philip Gilbert (editor/colorist).  This is available for view on his youtube page along with his other various projects.  Soon to join these projects is his highly anticipated rendition and new music video of Frank Ocean's, "Super Rich Kids."


Photographer: Robin Reyes

Musician: BASI VIBE

Location: "Branched Out" Show, Shine Sacramento